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USPAACC announces the Synergy Awards to recognize outstanding successful partnerships between corporate & government organizations and minority- and diverse-owned businesses

The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation (USPAACC) has announced today it will recognize five outstanding partnerships between corporate/government entities and Asian and other minority- and diverse-owned businesses at the USPAACC CelebrASIAN Business Development Conference this year.

2021 has seen a growth in collaborations between brands, organizations, grass-roots endeavors, influencers, activists, and more. Based on the universal understanding that “together is stronger,” corporations and community-driven minority- and diverse-owned businesses have used each other’s platforms in a mutually beneficial amplification of voices. Such collaborations have been met with positive feedback and impactful change.

Inspiration for the Synergy Awards abounds as USPAACC stands at the forefront of such collaborations. Recently, USPAACC partnered with Google to launch a free-training platform, 'Grow with Google,' to help small, minority, and diverse businesses learn the digital analytical skills to grow their online sales and consumer base. The synergy represented in this example is apparent — USPAACC meets its mission goal to advance Pan Asian American/AAPI businesses in the U.S. while Google’s relationship with small businesses continues to grow and thrive as the latter adopts the Google platform into their business structures.

The campaigns to be recognized by the Synergy Awards stand apart from other community-driven sponsorships as all parties involved are active participants, not solely fiscal sponsors. Their missions are blended and benefit each entity and its endeavors, whether profit-driven or community-driven.

USPAACC is calling all corporations, brands, government agencies, organizations, and small businesses that have participated in such campaigns for change to submit their work for the Synergy Awards.

The criteria for submission are as follows:

  • All nominations to be submitted via email: [email protected]
  • Include a summary, 500 words or less, describing how your submission exemplifies the Synergy Awards’ qualities and created a successful partnership. You may use supporting
  • documentation such as press releases, blog/social media posts, etc., that demonstrate this partnership
  • Results should not only include project success but also how the individual partners have directly benefited from it. Remember, this is less about project success but more about synergy and mutual success through collaboration
  • This is a "partnership-based" entry and requires written consent from all parties to submit the nomination. For example, if minority- or diverse-owned business A is working with corporate company B, both A & B must consent for participation
    • A “partnership” could be defined as two or more parties working toward a common goal, project, or assignment
  • At least one of the participants must be a minority- or other diverse-owned business and needs to provide proof of diversity or diversity status. For example, certification of minority- and diverse-owned status from a recognized certifying organization.
  • The length of the relationship is not a determining criterion. We encourage all new and old partnerships to participate. However, we require that submissions only include work within two years from the date of submission.

An independent panel of judges will evaluate the entries and select the winners. The winner announcement will be made in advance, and the award presentation will be held during the USPAACC CelebrASIAN Business Development Conference.

Awards will be given in tiers: 1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze.

The submission deadline is October 22, 2021, by 11:59 pm PT.

For more information and to download the submission form, please visit

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Founded in 1984 in the nation’s Capital, the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation (USPAACC) is the most established and effective national nonprofit nonpartisan  organization representing all Asian American and Asian American-related groups in business, sciences, the arts, sports, education, public and community services. Our mission is to promote and propel economic growth and job creation by opening doors to business and professional opportunities for Asian Americans and their partners in corporations, government at the federal, state and local levels, and the small, minority and diverse business communities.  For 35 years, USPAACC has served and will continue to serve as the unified voice for equal opportunity in business for Asian Americans, as the gateway to corporate and government contracts, to Asian American suppliers, and information about Asian Americans and the Asia-Pacific and Indian Subcontinent markets.

Our signature annual thought-leadership programs include: College Hallmark Scholarship Program that began in 1989, One-on-One Prescheduled Business Matchmaking Meetings in 1998, Supplier Diversity & Procurement Leadership Caucus in 2004, Federal Contracting Town Hall Meetings in 2005, Fast 100 Asian American Businesses in 2008, Business Executive Coaching: ReadySetGrow in 2011, Chief Procurement Officers Forum in 2011, What’s Your Pitch Innovation Competitions in 2015, Chief Technology & Information Officers Forum in 2017, and Corporate Employee Business Resource Group Leadership Caucus in 2017.

Headquartered in Washington DC, USPAACC reaches Asian American businesses nationwide through regional chapters in California, Texas, New York, Georgia, Illinois and the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia National Capital Area.

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