Programs Procurement Connections & Contracts

The Procurement Connections Program provides USPAACC members with valuable information on available contract opportunities, requisite procurement procedures, best practices, proven strategies, and related networking resources.

Held regularly in key cities nationwide, USPAACC brings top-level speakers from Corporate America and the Federal Government, along with successful business owners, to discuss relevant issues and challenges in order to come up with viable solutions and apply proven strategies to ensure business growth.

Since USPAACC’s founding in 1984, we have earned a reputation as an effective matchmaker for contracting organizations seeking to meet diversity goals. Our organization also helps members prepare information packets to accompany their bids on procurements. Additionally, we facilitate meetings between USPAACC-certified companies and member organizations.

Our corporate and government partners share information about their upcoming supplier events and procurement opportunities with us of which we regularly inform our members and supporters. To join the mailing list for Procurement Connections in your area, please contact us.

USPAACC also offers contract opportunities & RFPs to our members through our E-PORTAL database. On the local level, USPAACC sponsors contract opportunities through our regional offices.