Nonprofit Membership

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Our nonprofit members contribute to the business growth of our Asian American members through contract opportunities, program and events while connecting the most innovative and cost-effective suppliers across industries.


Marketing Opportunities

  • Designated as USPAACC Government Partner or Non-Profit Member in USPAACC print and marketing materials
  • Opportunities to outreach to the Asian American business community
  • Opportunity to highlight partnership in media
  • Opportunity to host a USPAACC event at your headquarters or offices
  • Eligible to apply for USPAACC Government Agency or Non-Profit Organization of the Year Award

Supplier Development and Education

  • Opportunity to post RFPs viewable by all USPAACC supplier members nationwide
  • Dissemination of selected contract opportunities to Asian American suppliers
  • Recruitment and direct referral of Asian American suppliers specific to your organization’s needs

Updates from USPAACC

  • Opportunity to tap into USPAACC’s unique Asian American expertise in research, advertising and media
  • Subscription to EastWest Report (USPAACC’s National Newsletter)

$3,000 Annual Due

Nonprofit Membership

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