Social Media Marketing – Best and Worst Practices

On Thursday May 14, the Business Leadership Series (BLS) addressed one of the most important topics in today’s global business environment -socialmedia marketing. Engagement and measurement can be a daunting prospect for most businesses, so where do you start?

Adam Khan, Twitter Coach and Head of Digital Transformation/Talent Development at Loreal, recently wrote a book on Advanced Twitter Hacks and began the session by providing some great insight into how social platforms are used most effectively. Advanced uses of twitter include generating leads without attending live events, launch a new product, recruit talent, competitive analysis, drive action and more.

According to Adam, Twitter, if used right, is greater for business than Facebook and LinkedIn combined, because of the live and conversational nature of the engagement. Optimize your profile based on the 30-second test, but remember, unlike a driving violation, a Twitter violation can stay on your record forever! Other topics covered n the session include the 70-30 rule, getting to the first 10,000 followers, and the winning tweet.

Sanjay Dalal, CEO of oGoing, joined the session to talk about his experiences in creating an online place for every small business to share their story. OGoing offers a free business profile to members as a platform to connect, share and promote with other businesses.

“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social” -Jay Baer

As Sanjay explained, the best business profiles online tell a great story; they are authentic, consistent and edgy. These businesses engage with followers daily in a highly interactive manner in order to own their brand. Be careful though, because it’s a slippery slope. The worst thing a business can do is go on autopilot on social media


Sanjay Dalal
CEO oGoing
Adam Khan
Twitter Coach, Head, Digital Transformation/Talent Development Loreal