Doing Business with Fortune Corporations 101

The focus of this discussion was-how to do business with corporations and large organizations, what is the best practice? Our speakers both represent well-known companies and they were able to provide some inside information in terms of the profile of the ideal candidate.

Kimberly Moore, Supplier Diversity & SustainabilityManager at the Allstate Insurance Companystarted by sharing her past experience as a small business owner. She has a passion for seeing diverse suppliers gain new business with big corporations, and is able to perform that role at All State. During her talk, Kimberly stressed the importance of understanding the process, and that being a diverse supplier is not necessarily what differentiates you from the competition-what capabilities and capacity can you supply? All State is looking for suppliers, who know their culture, and can be a partner to achieve corporate goals.

Bob Pilney, Telmo Costa and Dorothy Bertola from the Supplier Diversity Program at The Hartford presented next and started by telling the audience-there is no secret sauce. The company has been around since 1810 and iscommitted to diverse organizations and associations. Focus in on what you do well and don’t try to oversell. The best suppliers are prepared when they get their opportunity to meet. It comes down to price, quality and service at the end of the day.

The first step for new suppliers, at both All State and The Hartford, is to sign up on their online portalsand register your company. It’s very importantto complete your profile in order to truly reflect the nature of your business and the services you can provide. At The Hartford, they will reach out after you complete the form to schedule a 15 minute intro call. Reach out strategically and follow-up thoughtfully!


Kimberly Moore
Manager, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability, Sourcing & Procurement Solutions Allstate Insurance Company
Robert Pilney
Director, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Diversity Hartford Financial Services