Make Better Business Decisions with Analytics

“Data makes your briefcase heavy… insights make you rich.”
- Niall Fitzgerald, Former Chairman of Unilever

USPAACC is proud to be partnering with Grow with Google to help our community learn digital analytical skills needed to make timely business decisions. This event will train individuals on the capabilities of working with Google and their analytics capacities to support your business practices.

Do you have questions on whether your business is relevant or your business ideas are measurable and specific within your target market and industry? If so, then our online training and webinar is for you.

In this Grow with Google training, businesses will gain valuable insights on Google resources such as:

  • Learn which search terms and sources drive the most traffic
  • See demographic information for your most profitable customers
  • Understand what content your audience is most interested in
  • Evaluate which channels drive the most conversions

With this information, businesses can further understand how they can link their data to create SMART goals when implementing their business development avenues.



Katy Wong
Partner Specialist Google

Katy Wong

Partner Specialist

Katy Wong is a Partner Specialist on the Grow with Google team and Account Strategist on the agency team. Prior to Google, she worked at Sony Music Entertainment on playlist and brand strategy for developing artists. She’s a former competitive figure skater and part-time harpist. As a Columbia-Juilliard graduate, she continues to call New York her home.


Susan Au Allen
National President & CEO USPAACC

Susan Au Allen

National President & CEO