Launch your business with customer forward marketing

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Launching your business with customer-forward marketing can lead to increased customer satisfaction, better brand positioning, and improved business performance in the long run. This training will go into how you can use Google to work with your customer and use platforms to share ideas and promote your business. Learn to enhance your understanding of reinforcing your brand and customer focus. In this workshop you'll learn on how to adapt to the every flowing market of your customers.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Effective Brand Messaging

  • Learn adaptability to changing market conditions and customer preferences

Trainer: Bernice Chao, Co-Founder Asians in Advertising


Bernice Chao
Co-Founder Asians in Advertising Asians in Advertising

Bernice Chao

Co-Founder Asians in Advertising
Asians in Advertising

Bernice Chao is an award-winning Creative Director and has worked on the world's top brands. Bernice is one of the few female Asian American creative leaders in the industry and is helping to shape the AAPI community. By fighting against bias and xenophobia toward Asian Americans and inspiring the next generation of talent through mentorship and scholarship programs. She's given talks on over 50+ stages, including SXSW, 3%, ADCOLOR, and is a professor at LMU and president of TEDxCulverCity. Bernice was inducted into the 2022 AAF Hall of Achievement, 2022 Hall of Femme, and 2023 She Run's It Working Mother of the Year awar

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