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Business Express is a business coaching program wherein under-served small Asian American and minority businesses will get a clear perspective of their own business, develop their own road map for growth and discover how to lead their business to success. Business owners on Track 1 are eligible to join the business plan competition at the end of the workshop series can win award funding up to $5000 for their business!

The series in include the following topics:

Session 1: 10/10/23 - Introduction to the One Page Business Plan: Creating a concise document that summarizes the key elements of a business strategy on a single page. It typically includes the business's mission, vision, goals, target market, value proposition, revenue model, and key strategies, making it a streamlined alternative to traditional lengthy business plans.

Session 2: 10/24/23 - Introduction to the STRATA: Seven Foundational Questions in Developing Strategy: The STRATA framework, comprised of seven foundational questions, serves as a structured and comprehensive approach to developing effective business strategies. These questions encompass essential aspects of strategic planning, guiding organizations in making informed decisions providing a robust framework for strategic development, offering clarity and direction to organizations seeking to achieve their strategic objectives.

Session 3: 11/07/23 - Introduction to Marketing: Marketing is the art and science of connecting with your target audience to promote your products or services effectively. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including market research, product development, advertising, sales, and customer relationship management defining as a dynamic field that adapts to changing consumer behaviors and technological advances, making it a crucial discipline for any organization striving to reach its audience and achieve its objectives.

Session 4: 11/28/23 - Understanding Competitive Advantages & Pricing: Identifying and leveraging the unique strengths of your business to set competitive prices in the market. This involves analyzing your strengths, market position, and cost structures to determine optimal pricing strategies.

Session 5: 12/12/23 - Hiring/Retaining Talent: Hiring and retaining talent are essential aspects of building a strong and successful organization. The process begins with attracting the right candidates through effective. Effective talent management not only ensures that the right people are in the right roles but also helps in fostering a loyal and motivated workforce, ultimately contributing to an organization's long-term success and growth.

Session 6: 01/09/24 - Three-year Org Chart: A three-year organizational chart is a visual representation of an organization's structure, indicating how it's expected to evolve over the course of three years. The chart can illustrate new hires, promotions, department expansions, and other structural changes expected in the coming years, providing a roadmap for the organization's development.

Session 7: 01/23/24 - Introduction to Financials: Financials refer to the financial statements and reports that provide a comprehensive view of a company's economic health and performance. In essence, financials offer a numerical narrative of an organization's financial journey, serving as a fundamental guide for strategic planning and investment.

Session 8: 02/06/24 - Financing Growth: Involving securing the necessary funds to expand and develop a business. It includes strategies for obtaining capital, managing cash flow, and making investment decisions to support growth initiatives.

Session 9: 02/20/24 - Business Plan Competition Practice: An event where our participating entrepreneurs and startups present their business plans to the facilitator for feedback and finalize their presentations before presenting to a panel of judges.

Session 10: 03/12/24 - Business Plan Competition | Part 1: Qualified participants have the exciting opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and apply the knowledge gained throughout this year's Business Express: Track 1 sessions by presenting their meticulously crafted 1-Page Business Plan to a panel of esteemed judges, competing for valuable cash prizes.

Session 11: 03/26/24 - Business Plan Competition | Part 2: Qualified participants have the exciting opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and apply the knowledge gained throughout this year's Business Express: Track 1 sessions by presenting their meticulously crafted 1-Page Business Plan to a panel of esteemed judges, competing for valuable cash prizes.


Hybrid - you can choose to join the session virtually or in-person at a location of your choice.

This informative program is comprised of 10 weeks of exciting 2-hour in-person or hybrid workshop sessions.

Here are the session venues:

California (CA)

  • Asian Business Association of Orange County (ABAOC): (Shared by LBA) 3349 Michelson Dr. #200 Irvine, CA 92612

  • USPAACC Western Chapter: 27300 Patrick Ave, Hayward, CA 94544

Texas (TX)

  • Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC): 3535 Briarpark Dr. Ste 108., Houston, TX 77042

Illinois (IL)

  • USPAACC Midwest Chapter: 3500 South Morgan St. Chicago, Illinois 60609

New York (NY)

  • Universal Processing: 60 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018

Georgia (GA)

  • The Trusted Lawyers & USPAACC Southeast Chapter: 3055 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Duluth, GA 30097

We would love it if you could share the event with other driven entrepreneurs like yourself as our goal is to share this opportunity to as many businesses as possible.

You only need to register once. If you've registered for previous sessions, there's no need to do so again.

Participants who would like to join both tracks are welcome to do so. You may register through this link:

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Tim Fulton
President Small Business Matters

Tim Fulton

Small Business Matters

Tim Fulton is the president of Small Business Matters, a small business consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. Prior to opening his own consulting firm, Tim owned and operated several small retail businesses in Miami. He also taught as an adjunct professor and served as the interim Director of the Family Business Institute at Florida International University.

In 2008, Tim developed the GrowSmart Training Program for the state of Georgia and has subsequently trained over 2000 small business owners in 15 different states. Additionally, Tim was a Vistage Chair for 16 years, and after retiring in 2018, has enjoyed chair emeritus status.

Tim is the creative mind behind the award-winning “Small Business Matters” newsletter and podcast of the same name for small business leaders. He has self-published three different books, including his most recent book titled The Meeting. For six years, Tim has hosted one of the largest annual events in Atlanta for small business owners. Tim received his undergraduate degree in Economics and a 5 year MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans.

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