Virtual 1-on-1 Business Matchmaking Meeting with FirstEnergy


USPAACC will set up virtual one-on-one business matchmaking meetings based on the demand for products and services from FirstEnergy. If you would like to apply for the meeting opportunities, please complete this form by EOD on Friday, September 3, 2021.

We will contact you only when you receive a meeting request
•If you receive a meeting request, the meeting setup fee will be free for a USPAACC member company in good standing with (1) a valid certification number or a non-certified membership number and (2) a valid expiration date.
•For a USPAACC non-member company, the meeting setup fee will be $100 if you receive a meeting request. The payment must be made before the meeting.

Meetings are set up on a company basis, not on the individual basis. USPAACC certified members with a valid certification number and expiration date will receive priority to join a meeting if a member provides requested commodity or services below:

1. Below Grade Contractors
2. Disaster Recover
3. Storm Restoration
4. Engineering
5. Excavating
6. Landscaping Services
7. Locating Services
8. Overhead Construction
9. Roofing
10. Snow Removal

FirstEnergy asks for you, if possible, to provide information on your services in the following territory states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and West Virginia.

The meeting date will be on Friday, September 17, 2021. You would hear from us within a week before the meeting date if you are selected.