USPAACC 2021 CelebrASIAN Business Development Conference Part 2


Welcome to the USPAACC 2021 CelebrASIAN Business Development Conference — an occasion where we celebrate and uplift the partnerships between corporate and government entities and Pan Asian American and other minority-and diverse-owned small businesses. Panels, roundtable discussions, and meet-and-greet networking events where some of the best minds in the industry connect with Pan Asian American and other minority- and diverse-owned businesses for a mutually beneficial amplification of voices.

It’s a new world out there. One that will be built on trust, togetherness, and partnership. A world where we lift each other up and open doors through shared values and collaboration. Together, we step into a future where our differences are celebrated, and our partnerships are cherished to create a foundation for a new tomorrow.

After surviving a world-changing event that upended our lives, we are committed to building a future where success and opportunities arise from working together, in synergy with one another. We understand that to get ahead requires a vast network of patrons, cheerleaders and champions, in addition to adding value. Similarly, corporate and government entities know that in a rapidly changing world, true success comes from collaboration and partnership that is inclusive and equitable. During the CelebrASIAN Business Development Conference, we will bring these parties together to spark connections, generate ideas and deals, and create the synergy that moves forward with the potential to make an impactful difference.

Conference Agenda

Conference Speakers