Use YouTube to Grow Your Business (Part 2)


Learn how to use YouTube and the power of video to promote your business or brand.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • Creating and organizing a YouTube channel

  • Adding videos and streaming with YouTube Live

  • Video ad formats

Part 2 on October 28 will discuss:

  • Stream with YouTube Live
  • Promote your business with video ads

Facilitated by: David Lee, Business Consultant, Creative Producer, & Digital Marketer

Moderated by: Yashica Dutt, Author & Journalist; Associate Creative Director, Admerasia


David Lee
Business Consultant, Creative Producer, & Digital Marketer

David Lee

Business Consultant, Creative Producer, & Digital Marketer

David Lee is an experienced business consultant, creative producer, and digital marketer. Driven by data and insights, he takes pride in providing creative and meaningful solutions for clients. As a consultant, his goals include finding the right solutions for clients, making sure they are using the right resources, and being able to provide a return on their investment. In addition to his primary job functions, David has been recognized by NJ AdClub for his extraordinary commitment to marketing and was awarded the 40 under 40 award in 2019.

David's passion for bringing value to businesses can be traced back to his family and their immigrant-owned businesses, where he spent significant time working on learning the challenges of business operations and working with all types of professionals. As a consultant, he specializes in digital marketing, websites, and media production. He has worked in the marketing and advertising industry for over 10 years, gaining experience in working with global brands like Pirelli, Nissan, TDBank, and Bayer, top agencies like TBWA and Omnicom Group, as well as over 200 small businesses and startups, and tech companies like LinkedIn.

As a seasoned consultant, he is passionate about advancing innovative technologies and unique business concepts.

Yashica Dutt
Associate Creative Director Admerasia

Yashica Dutt

Associate Creative Director

Yashica Dutt (she/her) is a leading anti-caste expert, journalist and the award-winning author of the non-fiction memoir, Coming Out as Dalit.

Coming Out as Dalit, Dutt’s first book, has been lauded both critically, and embraced by readers. It was recently awarded the Sahitya Akademi Yuva Puruskar, 2020 (India’s National Academy of Letters’ Young Writers Award; among the country’s highest literary honors). A meticulously reported memoir that presents a scathing and intimate account of how the caste system brutally affects Dalits in today’s India, Coming Out as Dalit is currently being taught at several universities across the United States.

Yashica Dutt is an emerging figure recognized for highlighting Dalit rights globally and her voice has been instrumental in understanding the realities of caste within the increasingly prominent Indian diaspora. Dutt’s work seeks to expose caste as ‘the invisible arm that turns the gears in nearly every system in India', and highlights why this issue needs urgent attention. Her work has been published in the New York Times, Foreign Policy and The Atlantic and Dutt has been featured on The BBC, The Guardian and PBS Newshour. Dutt graduated from Columbia Journalism School and lives in New York. She is planning to soon release Coming Out as Dalit worldwide.

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