Doing Business with Fortune Corporations 101

Tiffany Williams, Manager, Supplier Inclusion & Diversity, Global Procurement, at Accenture started with a company overview, and talked about Accenture’s broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Key objectives of the Supplier Diversity Program include expanding the presence of certified diverse suppliers in the Accenture supplier base, and encouraging larger suppliers to leverage diverse suppliers on the company’s behalf. The growth plan includes Established, Establishing and On­boarding markets, which Tiffany explained during the session.

The Diverse Supplier Development Program (DSDP) is their flagship item. The program runs for 18 months and proteges are matched with senior managers and executives at Accenture to help grow their business. We encourage you to check out the Protege Company Profile that outlines the requirements. Participating will give you increased exposure both internally and externally.

Donna Gilmer, Manager, Supplier Diversity, at General Motors followed with a discussion about GM’s Tier 2 Program, Supplier Connections and the Advocacy Partners such as USPAACC, APACC, USHCC and MHCC. Last year, GM spent over $1 Billion with Asian suppliers which accounts for 29% of diversity spend. The purchasing units are Body/Exterior, Chassis, Customer Care & Aftersales, Electrical Systems, Thermal Systems, Indirect Machinery & Equipment, Interior/Safety, Logistics and Powertrain.

The first step to doing business with GM is registering on the company website as a potential supplier. Communicate with the supplier diversity professionals to understand the bidding process and take advantage of training opportunities. GM will need to know about your company’s history, your value proposition, the top three commodities or services you offer and a realistic growth pattern. Make sure you have the relevant certifications (such as NMSDC, ISO and TS), and be prepared to take about your existing customer base which can set you apart.


Tiffany Williams
Manager, Supplier Inclusion & Diversity, Global Procurement Accenture
Donna Gilmer
Manager, Supplier Diversity General Motors