Doing Business in Asia

This session provided participants with a general overview of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Asia, as well as a deeper look at China, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and ASEAN region.

USPAACC plays a unique role, as a gateway to corporate and government contracts, Asian American vendors, and information about Asian Americans and the Asian & Indian Subcontinent markets.

Today, Asia is the largest and most populous continent­ accounting for 60% of the world’s population (approximately 4.2 billion). It’s a huge and dynamic marketplace, with a strong appetite for American products.

Since 2005, USPAACC has led an annual Asia Trade Mission to extend friendships, establish and strengthen business connections and source potential new suppliers. We encourage you t join the 2016 trade mission to China on September 17­27, 2016, with a focus on furniture, healthcare and technology industries.

Richard Cant, North American Director at Dezan Shira & Associates, followed Susan to provide an in­depth and detailed look at specific Asian markets. He also touched on current Asia news topics, such as the resurgence of Japan, the rise of China, the rise of India, the TPP:will it pass?

The discussion started with the ASEAN region, which is considered to be the growth market and powerhouse of the region. We then drilled down on China, India and Vietnam (the new tiger), whose markets are very indicative of Asia today. Richard provided a current economic snapshot, the economic drivers, and the ease of doing business. He closed with a comparison of the current state of Hong Kong and Singapore, by presenting advantages and disadvantages of doing business in these locations.

We encourage you to check out the recording of this webinar ­ is provides vital information for those looking to enter Asia and for companies looking to further grow their business.


Susan Au Allen
National President & CEO USPAACC
Richard Cant
North America Director Dezan Shira & Associates