Compliments and Accolades flood our page, USPAACC is grateful for your participation.

USPAACC's Annual Flagship event, CelebrASIAN Business +Procurement Conference 2021, was a great success! It was a well-received and streamlined event with tons of accolades and appreciation from our amazing participants. We thank you for your support and look forward to accomplishing even more in empowering our American, Small, and Minority-owned businesses.

Here are few kind words from our participants who attended the 3-day insightful events-


“Okay, great! 😊Thank you! The conference is great! We appreciate the invite and there are plenty of leads to follow up.”

# Kay Simon, FDIC, PROGRAM ANALYST, 06.09.21

“Thank you for hosting the event. The event has been well so far. Best wishes for the rest of the conference.”

# Antonia Passalacqua, Facebook, POLICY PROGRAMS, ECONOMIC IMPACT, 06.09.21

In response to the question, How’s the conference going: “It’s going great. Very user-friendly platform.”

# Adam Moore, Truist, DIRECTOR OF SUPPLIER DIVERSITY, 06.10.21

“It’s a pleasure to be here and part of event.”

# Debra Quade, Kellogg, SUPPLIER DIVERSITY MANAGER, 06.10.21

“Great programming for corporate buyers and supplier diversity professionals today”

# Joyce Mehta, Nuvento, CLIENT PARTNER, 06.11.21

“Hi Rina, Hope you are well. The conference was excellent- thank you for the opportunity to attend. Please can we have the attendee list for the conference.”

# Ed Lim, Clear Breath LLC., CEO, 06.11.21

“Hi Rina, I just want to take a moment and thank you, Susan Allen and a whole USPAACC team for organizing this event. It is not easy with everything online, but you guys did such a great job. I hope we can meet each other in person at the next event. Wish you all the best!”

# Mark Wan, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, AVP, 06.15.21

“Thanks Alyn, Dan and I enjoyed the conference. The spacing of speaking engagements provided time to catch up on emails / calls while in a virtual format. The virtual booths were a good way to have all the information about suppliers in one place. Consider weaving in live dialogue and breakout sessions into the program. Hopefully the next one can be in person. “

# Usha Boddapu, Esolvit, CEO / FOUNDER, 06.15.21

“Respected Susan, Rina and Janice, Thank you so much for all of your never-ending support and love, Didi is very good from Nationwide Insurance, and he respects Mrs. Susan Allen. He spoke to me with utmost respect and gave me a second appointment to show case our Arytic product to add Esolvit as a supplier. I have an appointment with Nationwide insurance on June 23rd. Looking forward and will keep you posted with updates. Thank you for everything you do.”

# SRI RAO BODDAPU, Arytic, Inc., CEO, 06.18.21

“Susan, how are you doing. You and your team has done an excellent job. Usha always talks about your abilities, with this session I personally experienced it. Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks, and Regards.”

# Delores Johnson-Cooper, Johnson Cooper Consulting INC, OWNER, 06.18.21

“Susan, it was fabulous! I am glad I could carve out time to attend. Delores”

# Henry Briffel, Hxart, MANAGING DIRECTOR, 06.18.21

“Thanks, sue. Loved what I was able to catch. It was my birthday so I was tight on time. Hope to see you soon! H”

# Nina Vaca, Pinnacle, CHAIRMAN & CEO, 06.19.21

“Susan, You are a true leader my friend. Congratulations on an Amazing conference - it was my pleasure to be part of it! N”

# KeeKee Mathis, Trane Technologies, SR. LEADER, SUPPLIER, SUSTAINIBILITY & DIVERSITY, 06.21.21

“Hello Susan, Thanks so much for the warm words and allowing me to participate. I look forward to working with you and your team in the very near future. Thanks again! KM”

# Linhua Guan, P.E. Surge EnergyA, CEO, 06.21.21

“Dear Susan, Thank you and USPAACC for organizing this great event! Best Regards”

# Brian Clark, Agile1, SENIOR VP, 06.21.21

“Thank you, Susan. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an important and critical event. I love the CelebrASIAN conference and look forward to it every year. Thank you for everything that USPAACC represents and accomplishes year in and year out! If ever there is anything I can do from my end, please don't hesitate to let me know! Have a great summer - please continue to stay safe. I look forward to seeing you again in person soon! Brian”

# LaMecia Butler, Facebook Supplier Diversity, PROGRAM MANAGER, 06.21.21

Susan, Thank you for having us. It was a pleasure to participate and to connect with the suppliers who’ve reached out after the event to connect. We appreciate the opportunity to share more about our program and help suppliers in their journey not only for us, but with all supplier diversity programs.”

# James Haddow, Howard University School of Business, Director, Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management, 06.21.21

“Good Afternoon, Susan and Karin, I want to thank both of you and USPAACC for an outstanding conference. I truly enjoyed working with the other CPOs and USPAACC in making this event a huge success. I look forward to supporting USPAACC throughout 2021.”

# Rene Gunn, KR Elixir, CHIEF OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE, 06.21.21

“Susan, I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the tremendous value that USPAACC has and continues to bring to KR Elixir. We benefited from attending the CelebAsian event. Over the last few months our team has benefited from meetings and webinars you hosted focused on diversity, tech forums, procurement, women leadership, mompreneur talks and for connecting us to businesses we've met through USPAACC events. One company in particular I want to highlight is FDIC. We connected with and are building a business relationship with them because of the USPAACC Collaboration Meeting you hosted with FDIC. The KR Elixir team looks forward to participating and attending future meetings and events. Looking forward to in person meetings when we will have the opportunity to connect you face to face....Rene”

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