CVS Health Executive Learning Series for Diverse Suppliers


USPAACC member CVS Health & Roger Williams University College (RWUC) will host the Executive Learning Series Program. This program uses a hybrid model, delivering face-to-face and flexible online instruction. All in-person instruction will take place in Providence, RI. You could be one of 15 applicants selected to participate in the sixth Annual Executive Learning Series.

The purpose of the training series is to develop personal and professional relationships within the diverse supplier and partnership environments and learn about the competencies that CVS Health values. This training will give business executives the knowledge, skills and abilities to flourish within their industry.

CVS Program

The benefits of the CVS Health & Roger Williams Executive Learning Series are:

  1. Selected leaders will become immersed in a curriculum that is designed to help expand their business capacity, professional skill level, and growth potential in critical areas.
  2. Students will gain practical experience, including the opportunity to respond to a sample Request for Proposal (RFP) and be mentored by RWU Instructors as Executive Coaches as well as CVS Health Procurement Professionals.
  3. CVS Health’s Supplier Diversity team will be available for support and introductions both behind the scenes and during on-site events.
  4. Participants will have the opportunity to join peers to form a mutually supportive and lasting network.
The learnings from the CVS Executive Learning Series was incredibly powerful and will make a big difference as we continue to move forward in either pivoting into new industries and/or pursuing key clients…I enjoyed not only the material covered but the relationship and friendship that I now share with my fellow cohorts. It’s amazing the way CVS selected because there are synergies based on our collective capabilities and I am pursuing discussions with some, where I think we can go after significant business to deliver on the supplier diversity mission – economic impact in our communicates.

Betty Manetta, President & CEO of Argent Associates, Inc.

If you are interested in the CVS Executive Learning Series, please submit your application by Friday, April 24, 2020.

Selected ELS participants notified by CVS Health and RWUC during the week of May 18, 2020.

The program is scheduled to kick off on June 11, 2020.

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