Khoa Le Northeast Region, President

Khoa is the CEO / Founder of Kvibe Productions, Live Picture Studios, and Camdus, all branches of a single full-service video production & marketing & digital asset management company that was recognized as the fastest growing business in the Tri-state area by the SBDC / SBA in 2013. He’s also been recognized for his high-growth strategies, bringing in over 35% of revenues each year, which compelled the USPAACC, one of the largest Asian Chambers of Commerce in the U.S., to ask him to join and travel internationally with other businesses to further strategize his growth. In addition, in 2018, Khoa was announced to be award for the “Fast 100” award from the USPAACC.

Khoa also recently completed his acquisition of an 8000 SQ FT building in Jersey City, NJ called “Kvibe Studios.” The intention of the studio is to be develop a co-working space targeted to creative media industry people. The idea behind it was to create a collaboration and opportunity zone within a small boutique area that would drive more work, more opportunities, new possibilities, and more importantly, a collaborative mindset that can pay it forward to those that deserves the success.

Khoa believes in building platforms that create opportunities for others to succeed, thus moving the world forward in a positive direction. He believes that what we do today is not about us, but for future generations. “I want my children, their children, and the people we love to have amazing opportunities when they grow up,” Khoa says. “One of the things I can do is build a platform that can deliver a positive mindset. In order to have that platform, you must build success and prove it to the world.” If you have an idea on how to do it, then you have responsibilities to make it happen.

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186 Griffith St
Jersey City,, NJ 07307
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