Fast 50/100 Asian American Businesses

USPAACC extended Fast 50 to Fast 100 for 2015 in alliance with our 30th Anniversary to celebrate the success of an even larger group of Asian American Businesses!

Our annual “Fast 50/100 Asian American Businesses” Program puts the spotlight on the outstanding achievements of Asian American-owned businesses.

We recognize the continued robust growth of Asian American-owned businesses—even during tough economic times—and regard this as a testament to the enduring quality of Asian Americans who, through innovation, hard work and ingenuity, remain at the forefront as engines of growth in our national economy.

The Strategic Value of the Fast 50/100 Asian American Business Award

  • Receive attention from Fortune 500 Corporations’ procurement departments and government agencies
  • Nationwide recognition
  • Increased possibility for contract opportunities due to publicity
  • Media coverage by renowned regional and national newspapers and magazines


  • Ownership: At least 51% of the Business must be owned and managed by Asian Americans (U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident)
  • Revenue: At least $1 million in annual revenue in the immediate past 2 fiscal years of operation
  • Personal Appearance: Company President/CEO must be able to receive the Award in person

No fee.


March 31, 2018

group photo of 2014 Fast50 winners

Judging Process, Final Decision, and Result Announcement

Through direct applications and nominations, selection is determined and based on percentage revenue growth rate over the past two years.

The revenues and growth rates are cumulated and the awardees are officially revealed and made public at the CelebrAsian Procurement Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to apply for the award?
No application fee or donation required.

Why do I need to provide financial documents?
The result of the Fast 50/100 Asian American Business is based on the percentage growth rate of your annual revenue. We request tax returns that provide your revenue information. Precentage growth will be calculatd based on the financial documents.

Who will have access to my financial documents?
USPAACC Staff in the Asian American Marketing Division and Fast50 accountants will have access to your financial documents. We keep your documents fully confidential in the process and afterwards.

I have been in business for only 2 years. My first year’s revenue did not reach $1 million. My business has been growing fast and reached $ 1 million in annual revenue in the second year. Is my business eligible to apply for the award?
In this case, you are not eligible this year. The revenue for each year must reach $1 million. We look forward to your application next year!

When will USPAACC inform me about the result?
We will inform applicants about their results via email and phone call by approximately 6-7 weeks before the event, so the awardees can plan their trip to receive the award.

If our CEO/President cannot attend CelebrAsian Procurement Conference, is my company still ranked as Fast 50/100 Asian American Business?
CEO/President’s appearance is mandatory. If your CEO/ President cannot attend the event in person, please send executive(s) to represent them.

Does the CEO/ President who will receive award need to pay for registration fee?
Yes. For more information, please check our conference registration website at

CelebrAsian Procurement Conference

This year the One-on-One Business Matchmaking program will be held on June 2, 2017 at our CelebrAsian Procurement Conference in San Diego, California.

CelebrAsian Procurement Conference Website