Chief Procurement Officers Forum

USPAACC’s Chief Procurement Officer’s Forum (CPO Forum) brings together Fortune 500 & major nonprofit organizations’ procurement officers to discuss domestic and global trends in the supply chain, issues and challenges facing the business community in the U.S, and the roles that small- and medium- size companies could play in this changing market for mutually beneficial outcomes.

First established in 2011, the CPO Forum has become one of the most anticipated programs at our annual national CelebrAsian Procurement Conference, and a talk-of-the-town in the Procurement and Supplier Diversity Community. To date, we engaged the wisdom and experience of the following esteemed executives:

CelebrAsian 2017

CelebrAsian 2016

CelebrAsian 2015

Jim Gorzalski portrait

Jim Gorzalski

CPOCapital One

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CelebrAsian Procurement Conference

For more information on CPO Forum for 2017 at CelebrAsian Procurement Conference:

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