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Business Express

Business Express is an annual business executive coaching program, specifically created to help small- and medium-sized Asian American and other minority businesses take their business to the next level of growth.

Inaugurated in 2011 by Wells Fargo, Business Express was created for companies with at least $1 million in annual sales and that have been in business for at least 3 years. In the two-day workshop, business owners get a clear perspective of their own business, the critical ingredients for efficient and effective operation, develop their own road map for growth and healthy bottom line and learn how to become a good leader their business needs to grow.

* Highlights from Business Express: ReadySetGrow 2016

Business Express focuses on two major components of success


Learn how to build a scalable, well-managed company, and streamline processes. Plus hear from a business lender on funding options for small businesses, and so much more!


Learn how to analyze your company’s financial condition, develop strategies to improve profits/cash flow, and create a financial plan relative to your marketing and management strategies.


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The Business Express two-day conference has been extremely knowledgeable, interactive and engaging. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.
Cori Ridley, Resource Manager, Kavaliro, Tampa, FL
Business Express is a wonderful way to connect with great intellectuals, share & learn from their experiences. Great work by USPAACC in bringing people under one roof—which itself is a huge challenge. Anna & Mi – you two are the best! Good luck and wishing USPAACC a lot of success!
Harsha Shaikh, Senior Manager, System Soft Technologies, Tampa, FL
Business Express program has reinforced skills to run a better, happier and successful business. I want to thank USPAACC for the opportunity given to small businesses to become better.
Melissa Hong, President & CEO, Visual Solutions, Jacksonville, FL
I really enjoyed your Business Express: ReadySetGrow seminar and found it helpful, insightful and creative. This program is firm on principles of business practice, yet flexible on ways and means... Awesome!
Todd Logsdon, VP, Corporate Development, Angel Airplane Sales & Services, Jacksonville, FL
Business Express workshop organized by USPAACC has been a great tool to learn about various aspects of leadership, qualities and how to successfully run your business or contribute to the success of the organization you are working for. I highly recommend this seminar. Tim Fulton is a great coach!
Kishore Kolupoti, EVP, Strategic Business, System Soft Technologies, Tampa, FL
As a first time new small business owner, Tim helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about my role as a business owner. He also engaged with all of us to discuss our business in depth and guided us to a point where we were more comfortable and able to think about how to share our thoughts and strategies with anyone in our organization. A special thanks to USPAAAC and the sponsors for giving me an opportunities to participate with this great program and met many new business friends.
Vi Ma, President, Global Diversity Marketing Network, LLC, Orlando, FL
This program is the best professional development course I’ve ever taken, hands down. It will dramatically change the way I do business on a day to day basis. The curriculum was highly practical, and the faculty was excellent. I was able to assess critical leadership skills and marketing tactics and learn alternatives to help me grow as a leader. The methods and tools revealed during the training will be a tremendous help in developing a better action plan for my company. This program exceeded my expectations, and I recommend all leaders regardless of experience to attend and gain some valuable insight with this program.
Young Kim, President, Advanced Technology Management, Inc., Jacksonville, FL
The Business Express program was incredible. I was impressed with Tim Fulton’s ability to share so much pertinent information in such a meaningful way. I have no doubt that the lessons will be brought to life by many of the participants. Please know that this is one of the best programs I have attended. I thought it was valuable and would not tweak it at all. Great job. Thanks for allowing me to share.
Matt Thursam, Senior Vice President, USMETROGROUP, INC., Orlando, FL

I have found incredible value through the work sessions delivered in USPAACC’s "Ready Set Grow" program. I am grateful to AT&T and each of the sponsors that have found value in helping to develop small and diverse businesses. Thank you Susan, Tim and to each of my new friends born through the experience of attending this curse in Iselin, NJ.

Robford Hill, President, REACH Consulting Group

Thank you. It motivated me to review our company. Short & good program. Enjoyable 2 days. It was nice to meet all my new friends.

Vasanthi Ilangovan, President & CEO, Viva USA Inc.

The Ready Set Grow session was great. I highly recommend this session for small business leaders. This session reinforced and taught best practices for planning, marketing and leadership.

Steven Alters, Vice President, Staffing Solutions, Metasys Technologies
I just wanted to thank the entire team for the wonderful experience I received the past two days. The training was good but the participants and trainer made it excellent. I am very excited to make some new changes to our operation. I look forward to staying in touch with everyone and continuing to collaborate for new ideas.
Eric T. Nguyen, Vice President, I-TECH Personnel Services, Inc.
Fabulous, an eye-opening experience for me. So much I’ve known & will take back with me, from sales to management level. Thank you Tim, see you again soon.
Winnie Liu, Director of Logistics, Vizion Logistics, LLC
Informative, well planned, good topics covered, interactive.
Ann Ramakumaran, Ampcus, Inc.
Business Express is a great business development program that can help business owners take a look inside of their company to prepare for the next phase of growth.
Nanette Hunter, California
Enjoyed the multimedia clips that enhanced the topics discussed. I’m usually very bored and at times find the instructor knows less than expected, but this was very refreshing and informative.
Ken Choi, Maryland
A great event with lots of informative, educational, instruction and real-life experience sharing. Very helpful and highly recommended, thanks for the USPAACC staff to make this possible.
Li-Hung Lee, Ohio
Time well-spent! It was more than I expected. I learned more in these two days on marketing than I had in a previous 4-month program.
Phyllis Dixon, California
Business Express was a great way to take a step back and evaluate your business strategy. It was helpful to hear and share with peers what challenges they have and how they overcome them.
Ashish Kaushal, New York
Business Express enabled a re-evaluation of my business and business direction; it also provided thoughts on leadership, marketing and best business practices.
Annie Kwan, California
The instructor was phenomenal!
Jane Lee, Ohio
I love the opportunity to hear, learn and meet great business leaders across the Asian Business Community.
Michelle Hoang, Oklahoma
I’m a participant in another business program; what I learned in the last 2 days far exceeded what I learned in the last 5 months, which is a 9-month program.
Melissa Tong, California
It was very helpful to have a small group so that we could easily share own thoughts & questions with Tim.
Cheryl Tsang, California
As a burgeoning small business, this Business Express will propel my company into world-class effectiveness.
Catherine Tang, Washington
Was very informative & helpful. It addressed matters that small businesses face every day.
Kim Zastrow, California
It was wonderful having the opportunity to participate in your class. It was refreshing and enabled me to re-evaluate direction, and strategy for the future growth of my company.
Kim Silcott, Choson Resource, Kansas
Thank you for inviting Yash Solutions to the Business Express meeting. This will help us redefine our approach to taking our business to another level.