USPAACC Receives Overwhelming Accolades after a Resoundingly Successful CelebrAsian 2012

Washington, DC  |  June 08, 2012


“Congratulations on yet another successful CelebrAsian conference. I made great contacts and will be following up with many.” - Jacqueline Rosa, JP Morgan Chase

“My congratulations and gratitude to your leadership and the dedication, focus and hard work of the USPAACC Team that made this year’s event so successful and memorable. This year’s conference was my favorite of the past 3 I have attended and I’m looking forward to next year!”  - Ronald Tutundji, DuPont

“Again, FABULOUS Event! I have already met with three suppliers that I met at the event and moving them into discussions with members of our sourcing teams.” - Marianne Strobel, AT&T

“A BIG thank you for inviting me to join your fantastic event. It was really a great pleasure and honor to be with you, your team and all the great members of the USPAACC organization…Certainly one of the few times I really enjoyed the level of discussion and dialogues!” - Stephane C. Masson, Marriott International, Inc.

“I received so much beneficial information from the conference. I was so glad I attended and I look forward to next year’s event.” - Shendora Pridgen, Morgan Stanley

“You and your team did a great job. It was a pleasure to participate.” - Dinyar Devitre, Altria Group, Inc.

“As usual you did a great job with your conference.” - Matt Thursam, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

“I am impressed, congratulations for hosting such an energetic conference.” - Chandrakant “CK” I. Patel, Asian American Hotel Owners Association
“It was my first USPAACC meeting and it really opened my eyes to new opportunities for my business and for networking with other Asian American business leaders.” - Giles Shih, Bio Resource International, Inc.

“What a great conference and excitement you made for the last 3 days! We enjoyed every moment of the three days and the connection to major buyers from corporate America.” - Jason Yoo, JDDA Group of Companies

“Thank you for putting together a great conference! I’ve enjoyed it very much and I learned a lot. I have a lot of homework to do now, but I am very motivated. I was inspired by many great speakers and leaders. You and your team did an excellent job guiding me into the right direction.” - Aloysius Yoon, Lattice Group

“Thank you for all your efforts and know that we stand by you and by USPAACC. Congratulations to a successful conference, and here’s to the next year!” - Sam Jhans, Ameredia, Inc.

“What a great job your team has done!” - Terry Hsiao, Hookmobile

“You did a fantastic job!!! Congratulations! That is truly awesome!” - Michael Chen, Connecticut

“You have done a wonderful job and I enjoyed so much participating in this event.” - Boon Tirasitipol, Lauderdale Graphics

“It was an impressive event marked by your personal commitment to the cause.” - Conrad Leao, Data Inc.

“Thanks for being there for us, and millions other Asian American businesses and owners. We stand by you in this journey. Your determination and enthusiasm is infectious and inspires us all. Please know that you can always count on us to move your vision forward.” - Pawan J. Mehra, Ameredia, Inc.

“I was sick and wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked to, but I still found it to be extremely successful and it was such a great panel of speakers.” - Greg Lam, Kneon, Inc.

“You have a great organization and we appreciate having the opportunity to join you all for a well-orchestrated conference.” - Essi Najafi, FE, Electrical Engineering Group

“We are proud to be a part of USPAACC.” - Reena Batra, Software Professionals, Inc.

“It was in fact a great event. I wish I knew about this earlier.” - Kris Nanda, V.L.S Systems Inc.

“Another excellent conference. Great Job by you and your team. We shall be in touch and I do appreciate our partnership.” - Ashwin Rao, Collabera

“I want to thank you again for all your hard work, it was definitely well appreciated!” - Ace He, Absolute Financial Management, Inc.

“It was a fabulous event! My daughter and my wife enjoyed it as well.” - Timothy Haahs

“I enjoyed the presentations throughout the week and the opportunity to learn and refine my skills. I look forward to working closely with your organization in the future.” - Kathleen A. Lear, Global Solutions, Inc.

“I was unaware of how established and recognized an organization this is in providing a platform for diversity suppliers and vendors to collaborate. I look forward to future conferences and meetings as a USPAACC member.” - Umer Chaudhry, Cen-Med Enterprises, Inc.

“It was fantastic. Thank you.” - Goutham Amarneni, Zolon Tech

“Congratulations to you and USPAACC on your ongoing success! Thanks for including me and I hope we can work together again.” - Eun Yang, NBC Washington

“We had a great time and met quite a few potential contacts. We will be in touch soon with regards to getting certified with USPAACC.” - Ace He, My Absolute Financial

“It was a great conference and great to meet you as well. I am looking forward to closer with your organization. Please let me know how I can help.” - Ashish Kaushal, Creative Solutions Services, LLC

“It was truly an eye-opener as well as emotional experience at times. Your staff and you are a class act and I’m glad to be associated with USPAACC.” - Dat T. Dang, D&D Unlimited, Inc.

“Wanted to thank you again for putting on such an amazing conference.” - Roger Cheng, Apex Computer Systems, Inc.   

“That was a great event and we made some great connections.” - Carene Simon, New Columbia, Inc. 

“CelebrAsian 2012 Business Opportunity Conference was great!” - Sandra Wicker, Army & Air Force Exchange Service

“USPAACC continue to provide great programming to its small business constituents.” - Aditi Dussault, U.S. Small Business Administration

“It was done so well. I know a lot of work went into making it so. I heard several of the participants saying that the conference was great and that they had gotten a lot of benefit from it. One of them compared yours to another conference. They said that there was no comparison to how much they had gained from your conference.” - Vernestine Davis, Strategic Advantage

“After attending the event, I can definitely see the potential for establishing fruitful relationships and acquiring really detailed information. …very pleased with the event as well and saw the potential.” - George Nikanorov, DATA Inc.

“Thank you for putting together this week’s conference. It was a very positive experience for me! I came specially to learn, with no other expectations despite the impressive line-up of speakers. As I left, the part I’m most proud of was the experience of having had conversations with successful people. Building relationships are primary to me, and I’m delighted to say I left having made friends.” - Tess Blengino, CE2 Corporation

“I want to thank you for founding USPAACC, opening doors to great opportunities, and for your warm welcome. I came specifically to learn, with no other expectations despite the impressive line-up of speakers. As I left, I’m most proud of having had conversations with successful people. Building relationships is primary to me, and I’m delighted to say I left having made friends. It was truly a memorable experience!” - Melissa Kephart, ASSET Technologies, LLC

“The prescheduled one-on-one business matchmaking meetings were great. I met some great people—owners of the company. I will talk to my team leader and Small Business Liaison Officer about those companies on how to connect them to our capturing group so that they can become partners with IBM.” - Wen Jiang, Subcontracts Administrator, Client Services Procurement – Federal, US Federal Team, IBM

“I really enjoyed the conference and I was able to make some very meaningful contacts as a result. I feel very strongly that we may have some good opportunities with Freddie Mac, American Red Cross, FDIC, and AFLAC.” - Kathleen A. Lear, VP, Government Solutions, VXI Global Solutions, Inc.

“I wanted to reiterate how fantastic USPAACC’s CelebrAsian was – my team and my family truly enjoyed the event! Also, the stories of the scholarship recipients had me close to tears. You’re doing a great thing. I think because of the success of many Asians, a lot of people forget that we face hardship and discrimination as well. I’m glad you’re doing something to help, and would like to be more involved in the future!” - Christopher Marquez, President & CEO, National Capitol Contracting, LLC

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