CelebrAsian 2016 Accolades

 |  July 02, 2016


“Have to say, that I remain somewhat overwhelmed by attending USPAACC, my first one!  In 30+ years in the staffing industry, attending more conferences of every stripe I can imagine, I have never attended a conference quite like USPAACC. Where do I start? The spirit, the positive energy, the we can do notion of all things possible. And of course the speakers sharing their lives, their stories that make us what we are as a country, as a people, as human beings. I have never been so moved. And then there is you. What to say about what you have created? It is truly amazing; you are truly amazing! It is you that I thank! Can’t wait for next year.”
- Joe Palestina, CompuGain

“Congratulations to you, Susan and all team members for putting together such an excellent conference.”
- Santosh Salvi, CEO-Founder, Unique System Skills LLC

“I am glad that I have attended your annual event. I met some key potential partners, customer and also learned quite a bit.”      
- Chaudhary Shoaib, SpuriceIT

“Thank you for your hospitality. We really enjoyed the conference.”
- Manoj Wadhwani, SAI Systems International, Inc and Caris Health

“Congratulations to you and your team for hosting a wonderful USPAACC event in Atlanta.”
- Mary Gotschall, QNexis

“I had a wonderful time at the CelebrAsian conference.  I got the opportunity to talk to several companies at their booths and I had a good meeting with Northrop Grumman. I heard lot of good things about the previous 2 days from others. Congrats and kudos for organizing it so well.”
- Aparnaa Vinod, Pan Asia Resources

“What a huge success! We had tons of fun, made connections and at a really nice place.”
- Sugra Naqvi, Stellar Consulting

“Congratulations on a very successful event. Thank you so much for organizing everything so well, and also giving Paramount the opportunity to get a positive branding.”
- Mahua Chatterjee, Paramount Software Solutions

“Thank you for allowing U.S. Metro Group to be a part of the CelebrAsian Conference. It is truly an honor to be recognized as a Fast 100 by USPAACC.”
- Evelyn Kim, US Metro Group, Inc.

“On behalf of Vizion, I would like to thank you all for putting together another great CelebrAsian conference. The programs and events all went very well with lots of participation from AAB members. I found there is better mix of non-IT AAB’s and look forward to an opportunity to make contact with those members that engage with international trades and see if Vizion can assist them for logistics needs.”
- Albert Wei, Vizion Logistics

“Thank you for inviting me to attend the 2016 CelebrAsian conference in Atlanta. It was an outstanding and well-organized event, and I found the program and high level speakers, including the CPOs, to be impressive and worthwhile not only to me but to all of the attendees. Congratulations on yet another highly successful event!”
- Michael J Tobolski, WEConnect International

“First and foremost, I wanted to congratulate you and your team for organizing such a fantastic event at Atlanta. My team was able to learn and network a lot and we walked away with not just business cards, but great ideas on how to grow our business. I also wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a Mentor and be able to share my ideas and growth strategies with other upcoming entrepreneurs. The sessions were thought out thoroughly and were of immense value to all who attended.”
- Shyam Kumar, I&I Software, Inc.

“The feeling is mutual, and we owe you a million thanks. I can’t thank you enough for hosting this conference in Atlanta. We thank you for your significant part in making this Conference a resounding success on many levels. In a way it was like you took our dream and made it a reality!!! I think everyone who attended had a good time and will spread the word about our event. I heard rave reviews about the conference especially about the programming, speakers, scholarship luncheon. From the bottom of my heart it was STELLAR and I know a hundred people first hand who loved your presentation. The support and services your team provided during the conference has exceeded all expectations. It has been a pleasure being associated with USPAACC and honor to Co-chair this year’s Celebrasian and look forward to  many more.”
- Sushumna Roy Jalajam, Softpath System LLC 

“The Ampcus team enjoyed the conference to the fullest. Must say all the sessions were very informative. We have made some great connections and contacts. On behalf of the Ampcus family and the Asian American Business Community thank you very much to you and the USPAACC team for the continued support.”
- Ann Ramakumaran, Ampcus, Inc.

“Thanks so much, Susan!! The event was amazing!! One of the best ever!!”
- Donna, Ampcus, Inc.

“Absolute pleasure to support you guys.”
- Mark Leathem, Kingston

“Thank you so much, Susan, and we hope to join future conventions. We will definitely be working on our membership with the USPAACC with the Northeast Chapter and do our part to help in the growth of the organization.”
- Alenn & Joji, Asian & Hispanic Trading and Consulting, Inc.

“Thanks to you, Anna, Diana, Mihyun and Janice for doing a fantastic job of bringing people together in Atlanta. It’s a privilege to have been a runner up at the Ideas Marketplace and met Nissan.”
- Kartik Ram, Zeitgeist Inc.

“Asian & Hispanic Trading and Consulting, Inc. once again congratulates USPAACC for bringing minority and women-owned companies closer to opportunities of doing business with Fortune 500 companies that we have not dreamt of doing business before!” 
- Josefina Nidea, Asian & Hispanic Trading and Consulting, Inc.

“It was a very inspiring event for me, I met a lot of new friends that may become a good network to exchange information and do business.”
- John Zhao, Whole Fresh Foods

“It was a pleasure to meet you and to attend the conference! The organization is extremely impressive, and clearly companies are growing as a result of the investment made by USPAACC.”
- Kisha Dimbo, National Capitol Contracting

“Your team did a wonderful job here in Atlanta. We look forward to seeing you at future events.”                                               
- John Annarelli, Yash Solutions LLC

“You all put on a far superior event.”
- Tom Peckenham, SFS Capital

“Thank you for the wonderful convention last June 1-3, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a great event for networking for companies such as ours, Asian & Hispanic Trading and Consulting, Inc. It was a pleasure meeting all of you in the convention and I dream that one day we will all be standing together in celebrating more successes to all USPAACC members!!
- Josefina Nidea, Asian & Hispanic Trading and Consulting, Inc. 

“I very much enjoyed the conference.”
- Clarence O’Berry, Mandaree Enterprises, LLC

“I am glad that I could attend this year.”
- Ram Karuppusamy, Lance Soft

“Thank you again for you and your team putting together such a thoughtful event. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn and meet amazing leaders and mentors. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with other Asian American colleagues to make this society a better place. Thank you again for having a platform in which we could speak and share about our businesses as an early stage business owner. We’ll continue to grow and evolve and we’ll keep USPAACC as part of our journey for sure.”
- Monica H. Kang, InnovatorsBox

“Thanks for your inspiring words. It was nice to see you in Atlanta.”
- Pulin Sheth, Paramount Software Solutions

“It was indeed my pleasure to participate in the Conference and thank you for the invite. I truly commend your leadership at the USPAACC in bringing together the Asian businesses and events such as these are motivational and would encourage companies to innovate and excel. Once again, we would like to extend our hearty congratulations on the success of the event.”
- Srini Bayireddy, Navitas Business Consulting Inc.


“It was truly a great event. I am already starting discussions with a new supplier I met.”
- Stacey Taylor, MGM Resorts International

“Adrianna Samaniego and I had a wonderful time at the event and were impressed by the caliber of USPAACC’s conference attendees and content.”
- Mona Weng, Google

“It was very well done and everyone that I spoke with had only great things to say about your organization.”
- Kendra Burris-Austin, Express Scripts

“The conference was fantastic and we deeply appreciate the acknowledgement of our service and support for USPAACC.”
- Georgette “Gigi” Dixon, Wells Fargo

“The conference was truly amazing – and I look forward to participating again next year.”
- Bill Kapfer, JP Morgan Chase

“USPAACC was a tremendous success. I really appreciated the hard work and dedication that you and your colleagues put into the conference to make it a terrific event.”
- John Taylor, Cargill

“We enjoyed the event, and I am glad to have the introduction to USPAACC through the national conference being hosted in our backyard. Congratulations to you on a well-run event.”
- Megan Weiland, AGCO Corporation

“Congratulations, USPAACC team for the success of this year’s CelebrAsian Procurement Conference. What an event! I was so honored and privileged to represent Apple once again this year in the amazing gatherings of diverse business leaders from all over the country.”
- Tina Choi, Apple

“Made some good contacts at the event and plan on participating down in the future.”
- Mike Smith, Graphic Packing

“It was a good conference.”
- Mammie Price, Scana Services

“Thank you for inviting me to your meeting and for allowing me to participate in the event last night. Congratulations again on all of the USPAACC accomplishments! You and your team should be very proud. And the event last night was representative of the quality of your organization - outstanding.”
- Juan Perez, UPS

Congratulations on another AMAZING conference! Saw all the tweets posted and talked to Gigi and Maggie about the fabulous experience they had. Congrats again!”
- Denise Miles, Wells Fargo

“Congratulations on a successful and impactful 31st anniversary conference! I continue to reflect on the strong attendance, relevant content and impactful networking that took place during the conference. I am also pleased that we were able to share the experience with so many through social media, as I saw multiple tweets and retweets of highlights from the conference. Also, the recognition that we received as Corporation of the Decade has raised pride amongst our executives, team members and stakeholders. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the entire team at USPAACC!”
- Regina O. Heyward, Wells Fargo

“Congratulations on a great conference. We were able to meet a lot of potential partners and our CIO thought it was time well spent.”
- Lee Lewis, Jr., Enterprise Holdings

“It was a fantastic conference! Thank you for including us.”
- Brian Horn, USBLN

“Great event and look forward to next year.”
- Rondu Vincent, Bristol-Myers Squibb

“It was a privilege for UPS. I shared with Gary and Juan. Congratulations to the whole USPAACC team and especially to you for all that you do for our community.”
- Estrella Cramer, UPS Corporate Office

“We enjoyed it very much and are really proud to be members of USPAACC.”
- Sandy Cross, PGA of America

“Looking forward to attending your conference next year.”
- Shontelle E. Bragg, Export-Import Bank of the United States

“I enjoyed being a judge on the pitch finals, and was impressed by the size and quality of your organization as well as the event. We appreciate you reaching out and introducing us to your group. Please let us know if you have similar events in the future.”
- Sandra Schubert, Goldman Sachs

“On behalf of the Wells Fargo team, I congratulate you and your team for an excellent conference! I will share the highlights document with our leadership team as it demonstrates the comprehensive value that USPAACC brings. I look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship!”
- Regina O. Heyward, Wells Fargo

“This is fantastic and we deeply appreciate the strong relationship we have built over the years. The best is yet to come! Thanks, for your friendship and for the partnership.”
- Georgette “Gigi” Dixon, Wells Fargo

“What an awesome event! Great job everyone! I look forward to our continued partnership.”
- Priscilla Wallace, Compass

“This is a valuable partnership for us and we thank you for the opportunity to participate!”
- Manny Cordero, State Farm

“We had a very successful and fun time at the conference last week! Thanks for all you do to put on such a wonderful conference every year.”
- Hannah Sharp, PNC Supply Chain Management

“Congratulations on a successful conference. I had a great time networking and learning more about the exciting things that your members are doing. I was glad to be a part of this event.”
- Germaine Reece, Home Depot

“We were honored to be a part of it and to continue the work we began almost 40 years in advancing spend with small and diverse suppliers.”
- Loren Hopkins Taylor, DuPont Sourcing & Logistics

“It is our pleasure to partner in whatever capacity we can to such a forward moving organization such as USPAACC. Congratulations on your success!”
- Agnes Cook, Caesars Entertainment

“We were happy to attend and meet with some great Asian American certified suppliers.”
- Melissa St. Clair, TIAA-CREF

“I really enjoyed taking part in USPAACC in Atlanta this year. It was a well put together event. Kudos to you and your team for orchestrating a great event. Thank you again for your long-term partnership and support of Denny’s.”
- Michelle Hunt, Denny’s

“It was a privilege for UPS. I shared with Gary Kallenbach and Juan Perez. Congratulations to the whole USPAACC team and especially to you for all that you do for our community.”
- Estrella Cramer, UPS

“I should thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the conference again this year. You did it again! The conference was great and I received some good feedback from John and Gene. The Supplier Diversity Manager Caucus was the best ever and we used that opportunity to gather information for the project that Tina Choi, Sandy Cross and I are working on. I bet you thought we weren’t doing anything.”
- Jackie LaJoie, Ingersoll Rand

“Thanks again for having me there! I truly believe this was one of the best conferences. Thanks to you and your Team for the leadership, hard work, dedication, and a vision to make this a great conference again!”
- DK Singh, Schneider Electric 

“I enjoyed participating and meeting some of the people on your team. It was an interesting and impressive event – and I congratulate you and your team on what you’ve accomplished!”
- Sandra J. Schubert, Goldman Sachs

“I was very glad to hear that it went very well for your event. Tom was very excited about the whole thing and wants to go back AGAIN! So, whatever you guys did, KEEP it UP!!! Congratulations on a successful event.”
- Hector E Martinez, US Bank


“It was a great conference.”
- Ron Sagudan, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

“Good conference. Thanks for the warm hospitality!”
- Secretary, National Veterans Business Development Council

“It was a great conference. I was honored to be a part of it!”
- Virginia B. Garrison, NASA


“It was indeed our great honor to attend the USPAACC Summit, which truly reflected your organizational power and strong network. We are glad to be connected with your Chamber through the MOU establishment, and we look forward to mapping out with your colleagues our working plan to materialize such important cooperation relationship.”
- Ralph Chow, HKTDC

“You guys did an excellent job and I was really impressed how well it was organized and executed. Kudos to USPAACC team!”
- Sook Park, Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Kansas City

“I just wanted to thank you for being such a great host, I had a wonderful time. USPAACC did a splendid job with the conference. Thank you for having the Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce at CelebrAsian Procurement Conference 2016. It was a great event with an amazing turnout. I am still amazed and inspired after meeting a few of the Fast 100 Asian American Business. I look forward to attending future events such as this one.”
- Ger Thao, The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

“I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for the hospitality, superior organization and of course penultimate signing of the MOU. What an amazing event. It was a true pleasure to be a part of it. Looking forward to our partnership. Next stop, Hong Kong!”
- Curtis Louie, HTDKC

“First, congratulations on what was unequivocally a fantastic gala! Just superb! I also want to thank you for what I consider to be one of the greatest honors I have received. To be recognized by a partner organization that truly understands how hard we work for our constituents—because you are doing it too!—is the greatest honor that can happen. You, your team and board should be incredibly proud.”
- Justin Nelson, NGLCC

“Many thanks to Susan and the entire team for what I heard was a spectacular event. Justin was deeply humbled and honored to receive his award.”
- Sabrina Kent, NGLCC

“You are very welcome, Susan. I appreciated be asked to be a part of it. Happy to support you next year if you want or need it. In the meantime, we are busy connected with the many businesses we interacted with over the week in Atlanta.”
- Mark M. Reed, AARP

“Congratulations on an extremely successful event! Thank you for your invitation to be a part of it! I look forward to upcoming USPAACC events and initiatives. Keep up the great work and let me 
know if I can be of any assistance!”
- Brad Baldia, Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of PA & Southern NJ

“I’m very happy to have been able to attend CelebrAsian 2016. It was a beautiful event and everyone did such an amazing job! I was truly inspired and motivated while I attended the conference, and because of it, I am fired up to bring things into fruition for the Charlotte Asian-American community, especially with the Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce. Thank you and USPAACC for being that inspiration for me!”
- Ann Gonzales, Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce

“It was my pleasure to be invited and speak on the healthcare panel. I enjoyed every minute of it and found the whole event truly inspiring. You and your team put on a spectacular conference! I am honored to have been a part of it.”
- Amy Comeau, Amory Healthcare

“It was a great event and my congratulations to you and your team!”
- Amanda Shook Hendley, Technology Association of Georgia

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