Business Leadership Series Webinar “Marketing Made Easy”

  • February 20, 2018
  • 2:00 - 3:00 ET
  • Webinar

When it comes to your business, marketing is an essential way to not only gain customers, but to also retain them. Many businesses now use social media as a vehicle for their various marketing strategies. Some of the biggest platforms in social media are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These channels allow us to engage with our customers, potential business partners, advertisers with an unprecedented 24/7 level of connectivity. Online marketing is an easy way to communicate your brand across multiple channels and reach millions of people, if executed properly. It’s a way to reach various demographics and customer segments and also an important approach in protecting your brand. Responding to good and bad reviews, leveraging employee reviews, and maintaining your website are all means of promoting and protecting your brand. 

Join this webinar to hear from Jason Wiley, the former Vice President of Content and Integrated Marketing for the Philadelphia 76ers, discuss how you can use marketing strategically to leverage and protect your brand.

Jason Wiley
Vice President of Content & Integrated Marketing
Philadelphia 76ers


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