With Cargill's John Taylor in Wayzata, Minnesota, USPAACC's Susan Au Allen posed for photo op.



Business Leadership Series: Women in Business: Superwomen?

In the past half century, women have played increasingly prominent roles in the U.S. labor force, as workers, managers, business owners and executives.

Chamber Training Institute: Advocacy Essentials for Chamber Leaders

Developing an advocacy agenda is vital to the success of a chamber. As chambers of commerce work to provide meaningful value to their constituents, identifying...

SE Chapter: H1B Myths and Mysteries

Join TAG and USPAACC for a panel of experts to discuss all aspects of this topic and expose the math, myth and mistakes of the H-1B controversy. There has been...


Key Outcomes of the 2016 BRICS Summit

October 25, 2016

The eighth annual BRICS summit was held from October 15 to 16 this year in Goa, India. BRICS, the acronym, refers to the formal grouping of five nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa; their annual conference is attended by the executive heads of these respective states. As a...

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Indian Government Set to Introduce Reforms to Labor Laws

October 25, 2016

In a sign that the government wants to get serious about overhauling labor laws, India plans to introduce a proposed Wage Code bill that will guarantee minimum wages across the country in the winter session of parliament. The draft bill will also streamline the definition of wages by combining four...

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